President Putin to Play Much ‘Serious’ Role in Counter-terrorism, Jakarta – The continuous raids and destructions of hundreds of terrorist facilities in Syria by Russian forces may already act as a depiction of President Putin’s ambitious goal in weakening, or better yet removing ISIL (Islamic States of Iraq and the Levant) from the power it had gained throughout the years within the now jungle-like territory of Syria.

But the counter-terrorism effort has now become homework to everyone following UN Security Council decision on November 20 to engage in a warfare against ISIL and so previously rejected Russian battles by the general population can now earn its very own credit and legitimization.

Russia President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to attend a meeting for the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) in Tehran, Iran today, Kremlin’s top foreign policy aide, Yuri Ushakov informed on Friday as cited in Presstv.

“It is entirely logical that some bilateral contacts are envisioned, including with the host,” Ushakov further stated.

According to Tehrantimes, President Putin’s visitation since his last one in 2007 will be one outlining intensified relationship with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with portrayal of strengthened tie blatantly shown through granting of two Russian loans to Iran totaling up to %7 billion and signing of 5 to 8 contracts between the two nations with total worth valuing up to 30 billion dollar.

Apart from that, Russia is also planning to supply Iran with S-300 air defense missiles despite concerns from other countries. Now countries will have to gather despite likes and dislikes among one another, including the West and regardless of who the stakeholders are at the table, and fight for the same cause and purposes.

Fighting against the same enemy has been prompted by the unwanted events in the past specifically in Zabol, Beirut, Paris and Sinai region where the Russian commercial airliner was reportedly bombed by ISIL.

So, in the words of Hamid, Dabashi, Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Colombia University, as he wrote to Aljazeera, “Putin no longer needs to pretend he is a serious player in the region. He is.”

“Russia as no longer a passive player in the region,” he continued.

After his visitation to Iran, President Putin is scheduled to hold a meeting with French President Francois Hollande and Jordanian King Abdullah II.


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